U14 schedule 1/30 – 2/1

Team Okemo U14’s served notice this past weekend! Everyone pushed themselves and there were outstanding results throughout the field. The boys were able to score three top 15 results both days and the Okemo girls impressed the field with 8 in the top 15 both Saturday and Sunday, plus the girls swept the top 4 at the Suicide 6 Slalom on Sunday! In addition to these top 15 results, many racers had great runs, whether it was just one run or combined finishes. You should be proud of your results. Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic weekend. Keep up the good work. It’s also exciting to see and feel everyone coming together and working as a strong unit: supporting each other and cheering on your teammates. Let’s bring this momentum to Killington. Highline is a challenging hill that requires confidence and commitment, so we will now shift our focus to GS as we prepare for our race on Highline at Killington this Sunday.

I understand that everyone has many commitments and obligations and that weather and traffic can be an issue getting home on the weekends, but I do ask that whenever possible that everyone try to stay for awards and support the entire teams strong efforts. I hope that awards will be presented more timely in the future.

It’s great to have the team Beanpot at it’s rightful home: Okemo Mountain…let’s try to maintain possession!
As promised I will be shaving my beard!

On behalf of all of the U14 coaches, thank you for providing us with such great lunches. It’s such a treat to have our lunch on the hill and we appreciate all you do for us.

Well, it appears everyone has done their snow dance and we are in for a whopper! Have a great week and enjoy the snow!

Coach Pete

The schedule is as follows:

Friday Jan 30 – GS training
Sat. Jan 31 – Timed GS training
Sun. Feb 1- GS race at Killington (fact sheet follows)




SUNDAY 2/1/15

Registration: 7:00am-8:30am at Killington Ski Club, $35 race fee, Killington/Pico Season pass holders $25, cash or checks (payable to KMS) only. Register on line at AdminSports.com. (Athletes Only)
When you are looking at the front of the ski club, instead of going in the front door, please, walk around to the right and in the back of the building, please enter Ski Club around back and down the stairs to the Johnny O. Multi-Purpose Room. That will lead you straight into registration. All visiting athletes, parents and coaches are asked to use the K1 Lodge and not the ski club, which is a member only club, as their home base.

Parents and Coaches, let’s train our athletes correctly; please let them handle their own registration and bib pick up.

Lift: Lift: Snowdon Quad opens at 7:30am for jury and race crew only, 8:00am for racers and coaches

Inspection: Team Captain’s meeting at 8:15am at the Start. 8:30am Inspection opens, 9:00am Inspections closed, 9:20am Forerunners, 9:30am Race Start

Race Trail & Start time: HIGH LINE. 1st Run: 9:30am, 2nd Run: 1pm

Bib Return: Please return all bibs to the collection area in the finish area, $100 replacement cost

Unofficial Scoreboard: Electronic Score Board Monitor in KSC Window near finish area.

DQs: DQs will be announced and posted on the Official Notice Board at the completion of each run, next to the Electronic Score Board. Protest period 15 minutes after the posting of the DQ’s from each run.

Awards: Outside of the Killington Ski Club approximately 45 minutes following the
conclusion of race. Awards; 1-10 each Gender.

Parents tickets: $ 50.00, available at Race Registration in JO Multi-Purpose Room.
For parents only 2 per family, cash or checks (payable to KMS)

Volunteers: Sign Up and Check-in at Race Registration in JO Multi-Purpose Room.

Registration Volunteers need to arrive at the KSC by 6:30-6:45AM

Race Workers need to be on the early lift Snowden Quad at 7:30AM

Gate Judges and Spotters need to meet in the JO Multi-Purpose Room at 8AM

Peter Bischoff
Head U14 Coach
Okemo Mountain School

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