Devo Program canceled for Saturday 12/26

Regrettably, another delay in the start of the Devo (PGs) and Hopefuls program for this season.   Our groups are not the only ones impacted.  Other programs will be restricted to a limited training schedule — and off the mountain by 9 am.

Okemo Mountain remains fully committed to the competition program, however, historic weather has forced ongoing changes to this season’s plans.  The Okemo team  continues to push in every way possible to maximize available terrain for the competition program.  While many other programs across New England are shut out in entirety, Okemo has worked diligently to provide us with hill space where available.  However, a strong plan, great equipment,  and a committed team can not fully overcome Mother Nature.

Colder temperatures are forecast to return on Sunday eve and rest assured, the snow makers will be out in force.  Please continue to look for updates on the OMARA blog.  At present, we are tentatively looking to meet on Tuesday 12/29, Thursday 12/31 and Saturday 1/2.    Many thanks for your flexibility.

Delayed but not denied … and on to snowier days,


Bill and Mike

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