Devo PG Year End

Hello PGs  !

Thanks to all who were able to join us this past Saturday.   And, thanks to everyone for a remarkable season.  Together, your sons and daughters made for a great group and that made for a great year. 

Every time we asked our clan to work their way through a mogul field, ski without poles, traverse on a single ski or execute some awkward movement — they stepped up to the challenge.  Sure, trepidation at first, but the work paid off … we saw considerable improvement in their technique and confidence.  Above all, we believe they built some enduring friendships and hopefully, a lifelong passion of great sport and family activity.  For the many  who will be returning next season, the stage is set to become mentors and leaders for our new recruits.   

* The photos (and video)

Here’s a link to our end of season slideshow/video,  Devo PG SnowDaze.  

Even without the commercials it is long, so have your fast forward finger ready.  Limited cuts and edits — a  full compilation of pics from the season, originally meant as background for last weekend’s party.   Moreover, the video quality degraded considerably through the upload to DropBox.  So while not ready for primetime or Netflix, hopefully it will give you a glimpse of our activities this winter.

* BBQ, Family Duel and Race Demo Day

This weekend, we’ll be holding a BBQ and general OMARA awards ceremony at Wardance.  Please stop by for a burger, take to the duals race course and say hello.   Also, vendors will be set up offering free demos of next season’s junior race skis.  Please click here for the blog post with added detail.    

 * Many thanks 

Lastly, sincere thanks to everyone for the thoughtful cards and gifts.  As much as we enjoy skiing with your kids, we’ll now enjoy it even more with cozy feet. 🙂   And the kind words on the cards are truly appreciated.

Best of luck with spring sports, enjoy the summer and please reach out with any thoughts or questions.  We look forward to seeing you with the arrival of snow next winter and beginning another season of ski adventures. 


Bill and Mike

One for all  and …



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