Devo PG Update

DEVO PG Update

A few pictures are worth something more than a thousand words …

(Although I can’t resist adding a few notes along the way.)


* Finding the Forest through the Trees

During vacation week, we ventured from groomers to bumps and glades.   And when others were ready to succumb to weary legs, Kristen took to the throne as the Mogul Meister. For those in attendance, we had a blast exploring hidden trails and finding powder in the trees.












* Early Morning Smiles ?

And at the early morning gathering for our trio to Sunapee, we confirmed that smiling faces and wide eyes really do exist (although almost always hidden beneath goggles and face masks).









Also, during our excursion across the border, the PGs stopped for the renowned photo op, overlooking Lake Sunapee. (Once again, not our full group as Florin was assisting Madeline at the base.)




Believe it or not, standing a little higher and with a 90 degree shift, we can actually spot Okemo.





* Tuned and Racing

This past weekend — a mix of a ski tuning clinic, groomers, team race start competition, NASTAR, more bumps and one-legged skiing on Tuckered Out.









* Tuckered Out?

Appropriately named, as I think that the leg they’re holding up became pretty tired.









* Planning

Snow shovels now on sale in Ludlow? A sure sign that spring is approaching.   And for some, spring sports are now ramping up. But not too fast, we have a couple weeks together before swapping slalom skis for sand wedges and departing for the season.


We’d like to get a headcount for the next few Saturdays. Our plan is to schedule a pizza gathering following a morning ski session – timing based on everyone’s availability. (We’ll be enlisting our “social committee” to assist.)


Please drop me a note with your availability for 3/14 and 3/21.



I’ll be back shortly with details.

Mike and I look forward to seeing everyone for another great weekend on the slopes.


BH –


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