Devo PG Update


In recent weeks we’ve demonstrated our new skills on the NASTAR course, tested our edges on the ice, practiced aerodynamic tucks in the rollers on Wardance.

And yes, we’ve patiently worked through  some more mundane items  — like developing proper swing and rhythm with pole plants.

(See our musketeers in Exhibit A below.)


* Vaca Week (2/14-2/20)

In recent years, February vacation week has become less certain and uniform— many school districts have modified schedules following the high level of weather closures.  Some have removed the week in entirety. 

Well, for the fortunate few that can shed scholastic responsibilities, we will be meeting.   Most likely Monday and Wednesday (or Thursday) — depending on scheduling of the Hopefuls program as it is our intent to align the two programs.  I will have final word in coming day.

Meanwhile, I’d like to get a show of digital hands on who will likely be available that week.  

* Mt. Sunapee

We would also like to establish an initial headcount for our annual Mt. Sunapee trip.  No passports, no overnight — not even a different lift ticket as our season passes will be honored at Okemo’s eastern sister.  The group finds this one-day venture across state lines as entertaining and offers an additional opportunity for bonding.

Please let me know your interest in having your son(s) or daughter participate.   At present, we are targeting Saturday, February 14th or 20th.

Depending on numbers, we will likely seek a few parents to assist with the drive and ski with our group for the day.  Please let me know your interest in participating.

Dress warmly for this weekend — yes it will be chilly.  

See you on the slopes,

Bill and Mike 


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