Activate your entry in the OMARA Online Membership Directory !

We are pleased to introduce the new OMARA online membership directory.

Simple and effective, the online directory will give you easy means to contact friends, old and new.  Be it for a post-Hopefuls play date or night on the town with other fun-loving parents, we are confident that you’ll find the directory a valuable tool in building bigger and better Okemo relationships.

Initially, few names will appear. But as each of you confirm family contact info the directory will come alive with opportunities.   Entries are password protected — and no information will appear prior to member validation.  

Please Click Here to visit the OMARA Online Membership Directory and activate your information.  The directory link can also be found under the “About OMARA” drop down on our home page.   (You’ll need iloveomara — all lower case —  to gain initial entry.)

Step 1: You’ll need to validate your member entry. (Click Here and use iloveomara — all lower case — for initial password entry.) 

Step 2: Click on “Validate Your Directory Listing” and then type in your last name comma first name (Doe, John) and the last four digits of your home phone number to access your families information.

Step 3: Confirm or change any of the info that appears. Please make sure to complete any empty fields.

Step 4: Click “Apply” when you are finished. Now your entry will be viewable to other Omara members.

Step 5: Repeat each of these steps for each child in the program.

Now, have some fun and make active use of the directory in your event planning.

Feel free to drop us a note at [email protected] with any questions.

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