Weekend Training/Race Plan 1/24-1/26

This week we have a SG Camp Friday 1/24. I already sent out an email regarding this, but if you missed it and would like you son or daughter to participate let me know ASAP and I will put them on the list. (no need to respond if you already did). Registration will be at 7:15 and we can load the lifts at 8:30.

Saturday there is a VC race at Suicide 6. If you would like your son or daughter to enter this race go to http://www.alpinereg.com/mountain/club.cfm?product_type_id=75 and register/pay.

Saturday we will have SG training on War Dance. Bring your GS skis for afternoon free skiing and SG skis for gate training if you have them.  The plan will be to meet at the yurt at 8:15.

The Stratton race has been canceled. The training plan for Sunday is TBD and I will post to the blog and inform the athletes on Saturday.

If anyone has any questions please let me.


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