Hopefuls cancelled Saturday 12/26

I hope everyone is having a great start to their holiday and is enjoying family and friends.

Unfortunately the weather continues to be an incredible challenge up here in VT.   Warm temperatures and rain have allowed very few opportunities for snow making, though Okemo is aggressively taking advantage of any possible opportunity.  Sadly this week’s weather has deteriorated the excellent cover they put down last weekend and the mountain forecast is for more warm and rainy weather over the next few days and into the weekend.  Mountain lodging reservations are very high for the holiday period despite the weather and it is predicted that there will be many skiers and riders on the hill this weekend and through winter break.  This puts us in another situation where skiing in organized groups becomes a safety concern.  This may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but when young athletes ski as a group they tend to operate with blinders on – unaware of other skiers or hazards on the trail and only concerned with keeping up with the group. Given that the Hopefuls are the youngest and least experienced group we felt canceling again on Saturday is the safest option.

Please understand that Okemo Mountain management greatly values the families and coaches of the Competition Center and is working as hard as possible to provide opportunities for us.  They are working aggressively on snowmaking and are looking for any ways to help us out, like the Solitude option this weekend.  Most other competition programs are not given such benefits by their mountains.  Please bear with us and them through this challenging weather.  We are all trying to balance the safety of our 300 + athletes with providing as many training opportunities as possible.  It certainly is the most difficult in the last 10+ years!

Please check back for updated information on when we will begin the Hopefuls Program, colder temps are forecast for early next week.

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