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Great first day out this past Saturday!

For opening day, we focused on balance and significance of an athletic stance.  The concepts might seem basic, however, as mentioned to the kids, many of the drills that we’ll be employing are identical to those used by World Cup racers each season.    

Most all exhibited real competitive spirit with our first set of skate races near the flats of South Face.   And to finish the day, we enjoyed a run through the nearby glades.   The group was pleased to stumble  across a secret stash of fluffy snow.  Throughout the day, and particularly in the glades, conditions were far better than expected.    Thanks to Kevin M. for chaperoning (and providing me with an update on emerging markets).

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We’ll regroup this Saturday, Dec 20th (and have a few additional skiers joining us).
As always, plan to depart from the top of the A/B quad at 8.30 am.  Please see last week’s email (below) for additional details.  
During the holiday break our schedule will be as follows;
Saturday, Dec 27th
Monday, Dec 29th
Wednesday, Dec 31st
Saturday, Jan 3rd
(This schedule coincides with Hopefuls training.)
We will hold a parent’s meeting in early January and if interest, I’ll schedule a brief tuning class.  (Yes, sharpening skis is a critical skill — who knows, in short order your kids might be tending to your edges as well. )
Also, I would like to enlist one or two parents to assist in planning out a couple of off-snow social activities for the kids.   (I’ll gladly set you up with one of my colleagues from the OMARA board social committee who can offer some guidance and ideas.)  Please send me an e-mail or call if interested.  The season moves along quickly, hence an early start on planning will be key.

Please feel free to drop me an email with any questions.
On to the weekend,
Bill and Mike
whauser at

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